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rip it apart; play with it; solve it

Recently graduated baby baboon wanted to support small troop of management consulting baboons. No day on Baboon Rock ever the same. Tasks will vary and be defined by what is happening real time in the dangerous savannah. Client coordination, desk research, investigating for insights, cutting immaculate presentation decks, developing compelling case studies, attending to every last known and anticipated detail. Qualities include insatiable curiosity, humility (baboons see nobility in grunt work), a longing for learning and continuous performance improvement, openness to on-the-spot feedback, courage and creativity.

CV of much less interest than a story that accompanies it: Please tell us in no more than 400 words why you would like to become a beta baboon, giving us an example that showcases a challenge that you helped to ‘rip apart, play with and solve’


6 month contract, subject to references and one month’s probation in the jungle. Terms include a £25,000 p.a equivalent salary*.

Send your application to no later than 14 November 2016. Interviews will take place during November and early December. Start date for successful applicant, 9 January 2017.

*The salary quoted is gross, and subject to the usual deductions such as income tax and National Insurance.

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