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In June 2017, beta baboon sponsored 8 intrepid, curious students from Limpopo province, South Africa, to venture into the African wilderness to investigate and capture by photograph the animal that inspires all that we do – the baboon.


The expedition was an outreach programme organised by Wild Shots – an inspiring South African-based wildlife photography organisation run by educationalist Mike Kendrick - for school children living in disadvantaged communities around Kruger National Park. Wild Shots’ ambition is to ease the conflict between Kruger’s surrounding communities and its wildlife by educating children about the imperative of conservation through photography.


beta baboon invited the students from Relebogile High School to pay particular attention in their artistic pursuits to the baboons’ instinctive ability to rip apart, play with and solve the problems they encounter. Before their release into the park, the students spent an immersive weekend under Mike’s expert tutelage learning how to handle cameras and take top-notch photographs. Techniques mastered, enthusiasm engaged and eyes sharp for artistic opportunity, the students headed out on a game drive – despite their proximity to the park, the first of their lives - in search of a troop of Chacma baboons.


Their Wild Shots were fantastic.


A big baboon wahoo to all our chums at Relebogile.

Relebogile High School


These 8 Grade 10 and 11 students were specially selected by their Principal to participate on the programme as a reward for their outstanding efforts in their studies.



beta baboon sponsors Wild Shots Educational Outreach programme

Photograph by Lucky 

Going on the game drive was a dream come true - I had never been. 

I never liked conservation before. It was theory and we never had a chance to experience it. Now I am starting to understand conservation. I feel good about our wild places and our wild animals. I wish they were better protected so future generations will also know their roots and the wild animals. I want to use my photos for other learners so they can turn a theory into reality.

Proud Ndlovu - Phendulani High School

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