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Some of the challenges our troop has been asked to swing by and help solve.

Transforming Telco experiences in the cradle of digitalisation 
We’ve just refreshed our Purpose and Strategy. Help our major market leaders to develop distinctive customer, consumer and employee experiences and to implement new paths to growth.

Electrifying new business

We have the pioneering technology, we have the people and we have the prospects

We even have the patents. Help us convert new business with automotive players in electric vehicles around the world.

New story for storytellers

We’ve been crashed together by our marketing communications holding company. Work with us to develop a credible, compelling story for our new group, increasing our will to collaborate whilst amplifying the distinction of our brands.

Facilitation with fizz 

We’ve developed our own method for marketing in luxury goods. Please help us train our marketing professionals in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the US in our new method and to unleash their creativity.

Purpose made personal 

One of our values encourages our people to bring their ‘whole self to work’. Few of them really believe us. Can you design and help us embed a programme to equip 1500 People Managers to inspire our people to act on our genuine intent?

New customer lens for global camera brand 

Now that everyone is a photographer and videographer, how do we, a leading manufacturer of camera equipment and accessories, best respond to threats of commoditisation and new opportunities for growth? Customer segmentation, insight development, product portfolio evaluation and innovation all demand different thinking.

Galvanising the data geeks

Our virtual, worldwide network is populated by big brains, clever coders, project managers and communicators collaborating with civil society organisations committed to opening up information. We meet physically only once a year. Please make sure we make the most of our precious 3 days together.

Right brained experience for left-brained lawyers

Like other leading international law firms, we are facing deep disruption in our sector. Help us open the minds of our ambitious partnership to the new opportunities presented by our new 3-year strategy.

Courageous conversations with healthcare professionals 

We have over 300 Educators operating in the field of Diabetes in the US. They know all there is to know about diabetes prevention and treatment. They need to become an expert in the facilitation of courageous conversations with health care providers and doctors.

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